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How to Buy Good Packaging Tapes

You are supposed to use a packaging tape of the highest quality to be sure that your parcel is safe for shipping. It is wise for you to seal your parcel with a packaging tape that bears your brand name for effortless identification. There are superior packaging tapes that need you to seal with just one layer and you’re completely certain that the item you enclose will not be tampered with. Even though a big number of companies avail custom printed packaging tapes, you have to do due diligence to find good tapes. This explains why it is imperative for you to research before you order any custom printed packaging tape. Are you wondering how to go about purchasing custom printed packaging tapes? For more info, make sure you check more in this article.

Make sure you check the tape quality. A quality tape is essential in ensuring that your parcel gets to its intended destination safely. Tapes of the best quality are effortless to unwind, have desirable adhesion to the ridged area, and offer toughness and strength that are required to endure the distribution network.

The second factor of consideration is the method of application. There are two methods of applying packaging tapes, namely, manual and automated methods. In a manual approach, features such as simple unwind, a great track for an initial grasp to the corrugated surface and tough film backing to put off stretching and breaking are imperative. Quiet tapes are also a great option for persons who work adjacent each other. For automated approaches, you should consider ease loosening to decrease tape breakage due to elongating and tearing during application. Tapes providing instant adhesion are as well beneficial in areas that need immediate palletization of cartons.

Make sure you are keen on the substrate. You should put what you are sealing into consideration. There is a variety of carton types including corrugated to options such as waxed, printed, double wall, or recycled. Each of them brings its set of benefits to the distribution network but it also has its faults as far as performance is concerned.

You need to put into consideration the grade. Packaging tapes are on sale in a variety of grades, implying varying degrees of film and adhesive thickness. These grades provide a range of varying holding power as well as tensile strength. Prior to settling got a packaging tape, make sure you consider the production as well as shipping environments, content weight, and carton size. As any of these factors increase, so should the grade of the packaging tape you use. By using these tips, you’ll be certain to get good packaging tapes.

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