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Archaeology of Musical Instruments Music has been important in civilization for thousands of years. Some of the greatest archaeological finds have been instruments from ancient time. Some of the oldest instruments included drums, small wind pipes made from reeds and wood, and wooden wind chimes. From these instruments we can learn that music has been an important part of the world for a very long time.

History of Musical Instruments Music instruments have a long and varied history. From the first instruments of drums, wind instruments, and small hand shakers and cymbals, instruments quickly changed into the lyres, harps, and more sophisticated versions of drum and wind instruments. In the middle ages the first string instruments were created as we know them today. At the turn of the 20th century, music changed again with the blending of cultures into the rock instruments that are most common today. Now we have evolved into creating instruments from almost anything from police sirens to trash cans. is a good site to visit for more instrument information.

Primitive and prehistoric The most primitive music instruments were usually drums made from tightened skins, wood sticks hit together, or wooden flutes carved from reeds and other materials. These instruments were in use for thousands of years before any other instruments were created.

Ancient systems Ancient musical systems were different type of music created all over the world in ancient times. Some of the most well-known music is that of ancient Chinese and Indian music. The sitar was a popular instrument. The Chinese are credited with creating the first instrument played with a bow.

Antiquity Music during the Greek and Roman heyday was characterized by the lute, lyre, harps, and other string instruments that were plucked. Cymbals were also a popular form of instrument during this time. The flute continued to be used as well.

Middle Ages The middle ages brought a change to music instruments. The Roman church did not like instruments and so the musical styling of that period are largely characterized by blended singing groups without instrumental accompaniment. However, some instruments did remain popular such as the lute which was popular with traveling bards.

Renaissance The renaissance period saw a change in the music instruments of the day. For the first time a string instrument was created that was played by pulling a bow across the strings. This opened up a whole new world of musical sounds in Europe.

Baroque The biggest music instruments change that came during the Baroque period was the invention of the harpsichord. This predecessor to the modern piano changed the way music was played forever.

Modern Musical Instruments Modern music instruments are not so different from ancient ones. The most popular instruments of today include drums, the piano, wind instruments, brass instruments, guitars, and stringed instruments. There are also many experiments with instruments such as using common household items. For more instruments visit

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